Welcome to Vanauthor!

I am extremely excited about your interest in my publication! This post will be your guide as to what to expect should you decide to subscribe or even if you have already done so.


  • Each Tuesday you can expect a new entry for the book I’m working on at the moment. I’m currently working on publishing a collection of poems and you can find examples from them here. Once I’m done with them, I’ll immediately continue with my next project which is closely connected to the first one, as a new chapter will be uploaded each week. (Check my draft for the first one).

  • Every other week on Friday I’ll upload an essay/reflection.

  • Bonuses with no specific schedule. These might include notes on the process of writing/publishing my pieces or tips, tools, quotes regarding mental health and publishing I’ve found useful.

Who will find it useful?

  • Anyone concerned with mental health.

  • Anyone curious to witness an author in the process of writing and publishing a book.

  • Anyone enjoying poems and deep thoughts.

Why paid?

Publishing my work behind a paywall would enable me to put the time and attention that this project requires. In return, all subscribers will receive subscriber-only content, free access to any books I publish in the same year (even if only 1 month of subscription was purchased), and exclusive discounts for affiliated products or other Substacks.

Where does “Vanauthor” come from?

Vanauthor is the name I came up with for my Substack (and Medium; not active there, but you can follow anyway), because it is a nice-sounding mix of what I am and what I aim to be. My surname is Vangelov, and I want to be an author. Hence, Vanauthor. I’ll be more creative than that for you, I promise!

If you have checked my work and think you will enjoy seeing more of it or just want to support me, please subscribe!

And if you find it appealing, why not tell your friends!